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The Chairman has been overwhelmed and inspired by the creativity people bring to how they use Hunan Heat Sauce. Mac and cheese, pizza, tacos, and yes, even stir fries. Be inspired and share how you Hunan with The Chairman.

Show us how you Hunan.


Why this hadn’t occurred to The Chairman is somewhat embarrassing, but barbecued wings have moved to higher ground thanks to Citizen Youngs. The Chairman is in your debt.

mac and cheese, Chairman style

Behold the beautiful union of an American classic and Hunan Heat Sauce. The Chairman applauds Citizen Olson’s invention.

The Chairman’s eldest spawn, Hannah, has delivered inspiration on a bun. Presenting the Han sandwich. Egg white, spinach, Canadian bacon and avocado triumphantly topped off with Hunan Heat Sauce. The Chairman’s heart is bursting with pride.

What’s more American than french fries? French Fries, Chairman style. There are rumors that mixing Hunan Heat Sauce with mayonnaise is quite delicious with french fries, too.

Lamb and rasin stuffed pitas

In the words of Amy D: “Lamb and raisin stuffed pitas with charred broccoli. Added the perfect heat to a Mediterranean dish.” The Chairman wishes he had been there.

Josh Rose enjoys it on avocado. This never occurred to The Chairman. Well played Citizen Rose.

How will you Hunan? Bring home The Chairman and liberate your taste buds.


Empress Lee serves up many plates of deliciousness. Roasted vegetables with rice and Hunan Heat is one of her best.

Citizen Rose has done it again. Pork with lettuce wraps have served with a little Chairman on the side.

Dumplings reach new heights, achieving flavors soy sauce can only dream of.

pizza with free range eggs and Hunan Heat Sauce

The Chairman has know Citizen Cann since he was seven. He was the first customer, and his use of Hunan Heat on pizza is inspired.

We were at a demo at Urban Radish on wine tasting night, and one of the customers got all excited and suggested Hunan Heat Sauce would be “amazing” with cheese. He was right, and once again The Chairman’s horizons have been broadened.

The Chairman’s wife, Empress Lee, makes a mean fried rice (check out her recipe here). Just a touch of Hunan Heat brings even more deliciousness.

Avocado makes another appearance, this time in a tasty salad with cherry tomatoes and havarti cheese. The Chairman plays nicely with every food group.

Eggs over easy Chairman style is a taste treat the people are sure to enjoy.

The Chairman regularly adds it to stir fry dishes to elevate the goodness.

Dumplings and broccoli. Simplicity is beautiful. Especially when served with Hunan Heat. Thanks to Shago sharing how she Hunans.

Is The Chairman multi-cultural? Tacos al pastor Chairman style is your answer. Many thanks to Citizen Dodd for his contribution.